Collaborations & Testimonials

Over the past years these are Companies, Brands, Individuals, Groups or People that I (Cheesy1) have worked with or helped through this Blog. If you would like to work with me then please message me at to organise.

  • Cheese & Wine Evening at Sway Food Festival – Working as a Waitrose Cheese Specialist I worked with Louise Gordon; Head Sommelier at Lime Wood to provide an informative look at the world of cheese & wine to the community of Sway & surrounding areas for a charitable evening.
  • WI Boldre, New Forest – I was a guest speaker at their meeting to provide some cheese & a fun look at the cheeses on offer. I have since been invited to do the local areas annual meeting.
  • The Courtyard Dairy – I have created a working relationship with none other than The Courtyard Dairy which won Cheesemonger of the year 2013. The purpose of the pairing is to use images on the Blog for my posts and also to provide you with a goto place to buy cheeses online. I hope this is a long and prosperous link for my Blog and will help you buy cheeses you will love.

  • Gourmet Grilled Cheese – I have worked with Andy & Emma who run a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich company to help with recipe combinations and working Christchurch Food Festival with them also.
  • Willie’s Cacao, Pairing Chocolate & Cheese for a Website Redevelopment (2014)

Willie’s Cacao Testimonial “We met Jonathan at the Farm Shop & Deli Show in Birmingham. When we decided to create pairings between chocolate and other products, cheese came to mind and we sought Jonathan’s advice. It was a pleasure to work with him. It’s always great to share ideas with other people who are passionate about flavours.  “Bianca- Willie’s Cacao

  • Paulo Barracosa, CARDOP Project Serra De Estrela Cheese (2014)
  • Mr Trotters, Extensive Tasting & Product Review (2014)
  • Allrecipes UK, Christmas Cheeseboards (2013)
  • Lyburn Farm, Continuing Product Support (Continual)

I’m looking forward to increasing this page to build my reputation and portfolio within the industry.





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